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Here at 42video, we work closely with you, concentrating on your brand's story and services. Our mission is to provide short, sharp, honest visual reflections helping your business meet its marketing campaign needs.

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James Perkins

James Perkins

Head Of Animation


Faiza Zaidi

Faiza Zaidi

Head Of Production


Elyn Vandenwyngaert

Elyn Vandenwyngaert

Marketing & sales


Jenna Suru

Jenna Suru

Producer & Digital strategist


James Perkins

James has a wealth of experience working as an animator and visual effects artist for over ten years, from London to L.A. He has animated on everything from startup companies to Hollywood blockbusters including The Expendables and the remake of Conan the Barbarian. He has also worked on a number of music videos namely 'Katherine Jenkins', adverts and even web series. James is very adaptable and comfortable supervising on set for VFX, including green screen. Also post production with computer graphic and illustrated animation. James works closely with the VFX and animation team at 42video helping give projects the extra effects they may require.

Faiza Zaidi

Faiza has a stream of credits to her professional career. Working as a producer/director for many videos within the creative industry, culminating in being part of management for feature films across Europe and being shown at the Cannes Film Festival. As a director/producer Faiza has been working for more then 8 years mainly in music videos, viral, corporate and brand filming. She has also been working in independent film productions as a Producer. Faiza works closely with 42video production team who have worked on movies, series such as Spooks, worked at ITV, animation and many more.

Elyn Vandenwyngaert

Graduated in Commercial communications, Elyn has worked for LDV United Antwerp and contributed in campaigns for RedBull, Opel, Q8,... She was a part of the International Project for European Teams in Advertising and created a campaign for Duvel that won the Antwerp Advertising Award for best strategy 2014. She is a freelance graphic designer and webdesigner with a heart for social media.

Jenna Suru

Jenna Suru is a producer born in Paris, France. She organised the prestigious Sup’ de Courts International Film Festival in partnership with Panavision, before moving to Hollywood to work as a Producer Assistant on Dahn and Alimi Ballard’s new TV show, "Dahn and Ali's Experiment".

She has also worked at the International Sales department of Gaumont and as a Digital Sales & Marketing Assistant at SND (M6 Group). After producing 'The Dream Series', Jennifer Nicole Stang's award-winning web series that got selected at Raindance Film Festival, she moved to London where she worked for CAKE Entertainment, one of the world’s leading kids and family entertainment content distributors.

Now at 42video as a Producer and Marketing Strategist, she is the founder of Belle Époque Films.






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