5 effective ways: How to come up with video ideas for your business online presence.

Business woman recording masterclass on video camera
Business woman recording masterclass on video camera

If you don’t prioritize video in your content marketing plan, you’re passing on a huge chance for engagement. There is a lot of evidence that confirms the appeal of video content, both from a viewer preference and a digital marketing one. When a message is delivered by video, viewers claim to retain 95% of it. 84 percent of respondents said they were persuaded to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.  According to 78 percent of video marketers, video has directly contributed to increased sales.

The advantages of video material are vast. But where do you begin? With so many outlets and ever-increasing consumer quality standards, you could be forgiven for being frightened by video content marketing, whether you’re just getting started or attempting to move to the next level.

Online presence
Online presence

Why do you require a strong online presence?

The more possibilities you have to put your company in front of your target audience with great experiences, the more chances you have to create brand recognition and boost your reputation. However, there are other ways that a strong internet presence might assist your organization.

  •   Discover yourself: A good online presence makes it simple for ideal customers who don’t yet know you exist to find you, both when they are and aren’t looking for what you have to offer.
  •   Be perceived as a legitimate company: Before making a purchase, consumers seek information from a variety of sources. Customers and search engines will disregard you if you don’t share information about your organization across all of these platforms.
  •   Market your company around the clock: People can discover, learn about, engage with, and contact you whenever it is convenient for them, regardless of where they are in the buyer journey or what device they are using if you have a strong online presence in place.
  •   Save money: All digital marketing platforms have data that tells you what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to adjust your cash accordingly.
  •   Increase your conversions by On average, it takes seven interactions with a company before a lead becomes a customer. Being visible across several channels increases the likelihood of those engagements occurring more quickly.
  •   Gain Google’s trust by When ranking, Google considers more than just your website. It examines your assets across the web to see how consistent they   are.
  •   Improve your buyer journey: 63 percent of all shopping trips begin online. With a strong online presence, you can reach out to customers at various stages of their journey.
  •   Finally, there’s the flock mentality. Each of your online assets and identities adds to the power of the others. Each channel works better when combined with the others than when used alone.


5 effective video topics for your business online presence.


  1. Describe Your Team

Describing idea
Describing idea

Why not make use of the fact that you have a team full of great people? Of all, not everyone enjoys being in the spotlight… As a result, you must find a creative approach to introduce both introverts and extroverts while allowing their characteristics to shine through on camera. You won’t be sorry if you add a touch of humanity to your website.

This form of video content is also simple to repurpose. You could create a full-length film for YouTube and then trim up the employee highlights for short-form networks like Instagram Stories.

  1. Interviews with Industry Professionals

corporate interview
corporate interview

Do you want to be known as an industry influencer? Then, begin establishing contacts with specialists in your sector. The interview format is a great method to gain new, fresh perspectives and fill your video library with useful video material. Harnessing the power of influencer marketing is a wise strategy for companies seeking to become industry thought leaders.

Repurpose these types of films into a webinar or LinkedIn Live to maintain your contact with the influencer and, perhaps, work with them again!

  1. Testimonials on Video

    online blogger recording and live streaming vlog video for showing promotion of the product
    online blogger recording and live streaming vlog video for showing promotion of the product

Be wary of boring client testimonials; they might do more harm than good. The main objective of video testimonials is to demonstrate your relationship with customers credibly and engagingly. Allow them to express themselves using their own words and body language.

A good video testimonial is more like a casual discussion than a formal interview. However, don’t be afraid to do a few takes and collaborate with the subject on how to organize their replies for the best sound bites.

  1. Instructional Videos

Shooting video instructions for assembling furniture at home with own hands
Shooting video instructions for assembling furniture at home with own hands

How-to is a simple format that doesn’t require expensive props, acting talent, or complex scenarios to create high-quality video content marketing material. They’re ideal for SEO (search engine optimization), as Google now prefers video results for instructional inquiries, even going so far as to add the timestamps of the videos that are most relevant to your search.

Because there is so much possibility to represent your space, how-to content can provide a lot of value for your firm. Assume you are a garment manufacturer. Although your products may not require an instruction manual, you might create a whole series centered on how to accessorize a simple outfit.

Alternatively, if you create skis and snowboards, you might create a beginner, intermediate, and advanced series on how to land a picture-perfect jump. That’s a lot of content at your disposal! Turning these films into IGTV posts for your Instagram audience is an easy reuse opportunity.

  1. Behind the scene

Behind the scenes from a music video shoot
Behind the scenes from a music video shoot

Who doesn’t want to see what’s going on behind the scenes? With some behind-the-scenes video footage, you can capitalize on people’s inherent curiosity. This style of video is excellent for breaking down the fourth wall and providing your audience with a sense of genuineness. Leverage the spontaneous nature of these movies to showcase your personality – for example, use handheld phone filming as you prepare for a big meeting or campaign.

Alternatively, when your product team works toward a new feature launch, assemble a few months or a year’s worth of behind-the-scenes video. Don’t be hesitant to talk about your shortcomings and obstacles, as well as how you overcame them — it humanizes you and your company.

Bottom Line

Rear side of Video Cameraman taking photograp to the stage, event and seminar production
Rear side of Video Cameraman taking photograp to the stage, event and seminar production

Creating high-performing videos takes time and effort. However, with the correct video content strategy and a little innovation, you can capitalize on its ability to share inspirational stories and urge people to watch and act.





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