5 Ways: How to Get Confident in Front of Camera


Whether we like it or not, we’re all on camera now more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Making the switch and figuring out how to be comfortable and confident on camera can be difficult. Digital content is everywhere in today’s enterprises, from video conferencing, webinar panels, and even video brochures to shoot-and-share short clips on social media channels. It plays a major role in content marketing strategy for big corporate branding companies and people who are working on their personal brands.

Why do people have camera phobia?

Insecure worried dark skinned woman clenches teeth and looks nervously at camera poses anxious overw
woman clenches teeth and looks nervously at camera poses anxiously

The fear of being seen and judged by others is the major cause of camera phobia, just as it is for stage fright. We are all a little self-conscious about how we are seen as humans. Things are usually alright until we are placed in a situation where we know we will be scrutinized and, more than likely, judged. But the good news is that this type of fear can be overcome.

Implement some of the below-mentioned methods for conquering your fear of the camera with confidence.

1. Practice makes perfect!

Businesswoman practicing and learning script while walking in the auditorium
Businesswoman practicing and learning script while walking in the auditorium

This is the most obvious, so rather than keeping it for last, let’s get it out of the way first. Practice is the only guaranteed approach to improve in almost anything. Make trial videos to identify your weak points and work on them. The more you put yourself in front of the camera, the less intimidating it becomes.

2. Present Yourself in the Best Light Possible.

Bearded man looking at the mirror
Bearded man looking at the mirror

Choose an attire that makes you feel confident. It’s Okay if your preferred attire is a little different. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own respective ways. However, there is a significant distinction between quirky and unsuitable. Make sure your clothing is according to the occasion, situation, and platform.


3. Have a Script

Young screenwriter reading the script
Young man reading the script

A script can help you organize your thoughts, but it shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your video. Know your subject and the points you want to make, but don’t worry about messing up a little. If you concentrate only on a script and make a single mistake, it could throw your entire game off. You can always improvise a little, so have a good time, be yourself, and let your words flow.


4.Be Comfortable Be Authentic

Young man showing thumbs up gesture on camera on mobile phone
Young man showing thumbs up gesture and being Comfortable on camera

How to be comfortable on camera? By being comfortable in your own skin. Make yourself at ease if you’re uncomfortable and anxious wearing a formal suit and tie in front of the camera. Instead, put on something comfy and get to work improving your skills.

Be true to yourself, don’t be afraid to show your true personality as people connect to your message more when they feel your authenticity and resonate with you as a person and your story.

So, if you are someone who has some quirks or a humorous, witty side that you believe will make you appear less professional or taken seriously, don’t hide it; instead, own that side of your quirk and show it to your audience, and they will begin to connect with you and, ultimately, your message. The point is that the more you are yourself, the more right people and audiences will gravitate to your message.


5.Take it Slow

Slow down
Slow down

When people are nervous, they speak more quickly. Slow things down and pace yourself. If you’re nervous, try speaking at a slower pace than usual, and everything should settle down at your typical pace. Breathe deeply and give yourself enough time to communicate your message clearly. Don’t be concerned if you go off  a little.

Few Bonuses 

Boost your energy

Make camera your friend

Make eye contact and smile

• Most Important Breathe!

Bottom Line

Happy woman filming video podcast with smart phone camera while using computer
Happy woman filming video podcast with smart phone camera while using computer

At first, being on camera feels daunting, unnatural, and confusing. However, when you consider the numerous advantages and opportunities it provides, you may be more optimistic. When recording for the first time, everyone feels a little uneasy. But, with these pointers, you may conquer your fear and get started. Authenticity takes precedence over perfection.

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