Video Marketing

Each session lasts up to an hour, with some homework assigned to you each week; homework may take an extra hour or two to complete. As a result, we advocate devoting up to 3 hours per week to yourself.

The coaching is designed to assist you in taking practical actions and provide you with all of the tools necessary to significantly impact your marketing side of business or personal brand; however, many factors play a role in your business success, such as your overall marketing plan, sales, service, team management, and so on.

We take a one of payment of £550 + VAT this can be done through invoice purchase or through go card less payment system.

There is a reason this course is designed as a one on one coaching because we want to tailor it to your needs and your journey. This program suits anyone who has zero to some basic knowledge in video marketing to anyone who has more in depth knowledge of the field; we would tailor it based on your needs and situation.

Please contact us or schedule a free consultation to explore where you are now and how we can help you figure out if this is the appropriate fit for you.

Yes, we can provide a quote for a group coaching program.
Please contact us for more information.

Monthly Coaching + Edit My Videos

It is more expensive because there is a commitment to monthly coaching.

Our main goal is to accompany you on your journey of building your brand; we understand that it can be a lonely process, so we provide monthly coaching in addition to the edits.

This helps you make your video production and distribution plans more seamless in the long run, and it ensures that you get worth the value for your money spent.

Up to 15 min of length per month, You can do as many edits out of that length.

We give unlimited tweaks for these sessions.

Mostly social media types of video content such as vlogs, interviews, podcasts, documentaries are more relevant for this package.

To set it up It can take up to 3-5 working days. This obviously depends on how quick the communication is from your side

You can cancel anytime, however we would require a 1 month notice to do this.

Absolutely, send us an email to discuss your editing needs, and we can offer you a monthly package or a one-time fee if you don’t want a monthly edit.

Video Production

Having some idea of what your purpose of the video production would be a good starting point, however we don’t expect you to come with ideas, although we do invite creative ideas or references from your side if you did have any.

This all depends on the purpose of the content and what your overall distribution strategy would be. Once you give us more information we can guide you further on the length of the video. But as a general guideline promo, testimonial, corporate videos can be anywhere between 1-5 mins.

This mainly depends on what type of video it is, visual concept, length of the video and filming style, also factoring locations, days of filming.
However here is a bit of a guideline for you to know on estimates of video production costs.
Talking Heads – Starts @ £1000 + VAT
Corporate Video – Starts @ 1500 + VAT
Promo Video – Starts @ £3000 + VAT
High End TV Commercials – Starts @ £7000 + VAT

After the final cut is done and agreed with you we give up to two tweaks as a leeway to allow for further changes.

Our corporate shoots require 2-4 people on location and for promo shoots and more complex shoots we base the crew depending on the concept & budget.

You can wear your natural style of clothing but we suggest avoiding printed, checked or lined shirts as it can create camera flicker while recording.

We charge 50% as a booking and production fee and remaining 50% once you receive your delivery of video.

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